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What Vacuum Sealers Can Do for Meat Products

What Vacuum Sealers Can Do for Meat Products

Vacuum sealers are known to help preserve food, whether it is a fresh produce, meat or a leftover meal. Certain types of bacteria thrive in meat and other food when oxygen is present. This is one of the purposes of vacuum sealers. However, sucking out the air from a plastic sealer bag will not entirely keep your meat from spoiling or your fruits and vegetable from rotting. In this article, we focus on what a vacuum sealer can do for meat products.

Any meat that is exposed to air, once the animal dies, starts to decompose instantly because of the presence of bacteria and fungi everywhere. Most of the time, the bacteria also come from the animal itself. But, when the animal is dead, it won’t have the immune system anymore to fight with the bacteria.  The very air around us and the oxygen that we breathe help break down the meat. Hygiene and proper processes are implemented to prevent bacteria from growing fast.

Using Vacuum Sealers

From the name itself, it is easy to understand what vacuum sealers are. A vacuum seal machine is designed to suck all the air out from the sealer bag where you place the food. Then, the machine seals the bag, ensuring that no air could go in the bag. Note that the vacuum sealers alone does not totally keep the meat that you are storing from going bad. Refrigeration is the primary prevention of the spoilage of food. The more the temperature gets low, the lesser is the chance for bacteria to grow. Cold temperature keeps your meat from going bad, and therefore it extends the life of the meat. On the other hand, vacuum sealers help prolong the life extension if the meat more. Moreover, it prevents oxidization of the meat.


Ironically, while oxygen helps animals live, oxygen is also the greatest enemy of animals once they are dead. Oxygen is the very reason for the discoloration of the meat. Prolonged exposure can result to oxidative rancidity of the meat. It becomes rancid in smell and taste. If you put the meat is refrigerated or in the freezer with oxygen or the air inside the sealer bag, the cold causes the air to pull out the moisture from the meat. This process results to freezer burn and loss of flavor of the meat.

Vacuuming the air out

Vacuuming all the air out of the meat sealer bag helps avoid meat contamination. Vacuum sealing and refrigeration both keep the meat from going bad, from discoloration, losing flavor through oxidation, and from getting freezer burn.


Vacuum sealing can be helpful in food preparation and preserving or extending the life of the meat as well as other food products. If you invest in a good quality vacuum sealer, you will know indeed how handy it is in maintaining the flavor and the freshness of meat products for much extended period.

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