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Solar lighting for your car parking area

solar park light

Solar car park lighting saves money and time by no need to dip up the place to lay down old electric wiring.Every building or business contains a car park spot where lighting is required to give safety to people and the vehicles.Certain time the lighting can be forgotten and afterthought till the basement is laid. This is at the place solar car park lighting arrives in to save the day.Unlike to digging up that parking more, keeping stand alone these systems can give the required lighting without damaging the area.Every system products its own energy for the light with the appliances situated. The only place which want to be disturbed on the mud is where the pole is kept.Solar lighting at the car parking area saves your time and money.

You can simply install an anchor base pole on the strong basement and place the solar power assembly and light appliances on the top provides you light in short time like one day, not weeks on making digging process and pouring new concrete.If you are finding to lessen the overall power costs with current lighting, solar lighting on the car parking area can be a best choice.Grid intertie methods can put power again to the grid at the day time and avail the power at night time.There is a chance for a battery back up by using grid intertie system if the place is prone to blackouts.For new building sites, if the grid power is not available solar park lighting system can offer a savings from trenching and no grid power charges ever.

Maintenance free:

If the grid power is accessible easily, solar park lights are becoming very famous substitute to present a green image and offer LEED certifications.With the new advancement in technology, the systems are logically maintenance free. Ensuring there is a better autonomy to the system offers long battery life and with LEDs serving for long years say 15 years, there is never anything to replace.Solar powered lights are very famous all over the world.There are great selection available in the market that can be utilized for car parks.These lights are found with or without a PIR detector, column and all in one model found.

Fulfill localized condition:

Utilizing the new technology they are dynamic and can illuminate huge areas. More over there are no bulb modifications and zero maintenance.You can get systems that can connect to the current post or column hence it is easy to retro install the present lighting.There is no mains power is needed, DIY installed systems are available in the market.So you can fit it on your own without the want to electrician help.Solar lighting system are efficient and energy saving.These lights are products that manufacturers specifically made and produced to satisfy with the localized status, where regulations about temperature quality are supplied to achieve the effect that you wish.You can get columns to suit localized conditions like 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m heights.Install solar car park lighting and save your time and money.

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