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What Proper Preventive Machinery Maintenance Needs

Preventive machinery maintenance plays a huge role in keeping your machinery equipment in top condition. This is why so much effort is put into underscoring its need for many facilities, regardless of the type of operations that you run.

If you are only starting out on maintenance, there are some aspects that you need to include in your plan so that you can be sure to make the most out of it. These same aspects can also be applied to facilities that already have a maintenance model in place but have not been able to harness its full functionality.

Your Goals

Having a clear idea of what you want your preventive machinery maintenance to do is the first crucial step towards designing the right model for your facility. Do you want to just cut downtime potential? Do you want to save up on possible costs from premature machinery breakdown and damage? Do you want to ensure the optimal functionality of the machine so that the generated results are always up to par? Think about what you need, and you can better set the scope of the maintenance plan.


Your Schedule

The frequency of the maintenance checks should also be clearly defined. Aside from the dates of maintenance, your schedule should also make space for the duration of each task.  This will help streamline your operations, as well as alert your staff and crew to the immediacy of some tasks.


Your Staff’s Training

machinery repair -staff

A lot of facility managers do not bother with proper training and knowledge dissemination because they believe that a big bulk of preventive machinery maintenance is only involved with lubrication engineering. Now, while it is true that lubrication really does happen a lot – and is, in fact, a necessity – in preventive maintenance, it does not mean that every facility knows how to do it properly. And this knowledge is important to ensuring that your maintenance does what it is supposed to accomplish.


Your Project Management Plan

Finally, make sure that your maintenance model is driven towards meeting specific metrics. Your maintenance plan is still a project that needs to be managed well. Set down these metrics according to the conditions and requirements of your facility, and check to see if they have been met after every maintenance.

It is also important to keep communication lines open during maintenance checks. If something looks wrong, it should be immediately escalated to the right person for intervention.


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