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Producing Large Print Volume with Brisbane 3D printer

If you haven’t been to Brisbane in a while, you will be surprised at how much it has flourished through the years by the time you go back to visit. You will be seeing more business establishments here and there and different industries around that make the lives of people much easier and convenient. A big part of such change is brought about by the innovations in new technology and this is where a 3D printer comes in.

3D printing has been very popular nowadays and many companies make use of such to create products. It provides companies the chance to build parts and prototypes allowing them to save a lot of time as there is no need to depend on a third party. In addition, the technology also allows them to make quick adjustments to their prototype. When this printing technology is used in professional settings, there is a demand for large print volume and this comes with advantages.


Advantages of Large Print Volume

Printing Your Model in One Piece

As mentioned, Brisbane has been flourishing in terms of business and it’s no wonder that 3D printer in large volume has been an in-demand tool in the past few years. With large volumes, you will have the ability to print your 3D model in a single piece. Printing it with smaller print volume tend to separate the parts and should be assembled after printing. This will require more time. Also, with smaller print volume you are more likely to be dependent on a fixed scale. For instance, an architect would want to show a maquette in a bigger scale to show the details. When the scale is decreased, more details are lost. This is why larger print volume is more preferred in the medical industry and architecture.

Allows Production in the Same Batch

3D printing in large volume provides the opportunity to produce multiples products in one batch. If you wish to produce in series, you should opt for a print bed of 30×30 cm. This is more suitable than 20×20 cm. Production in the same batch on a smaller print bed will require more time as you will need to start printing multiple times.

It has the Ability to Grow

This technology has the ability to grow. Of course, it’s a must that you learn all the ins and outs of this printing. Companies usually start printing smaller products and during the process they find out more opportunities and start printing for various applications.

Printing in large volumes indeed bring so many benefits especially when using the printing for business and professional setting. If you want to experience such benefit, then you may consider having your own 3D printer now.


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