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Non Slip Flooring Types for the Workplace

Slips and trips are always bound to happen and some of the most common causes of injuries that happen in the workplace. In most cases, the floor surface is a very important factor in such an incident. Floors can be wet, dirty, or uneven. There are times when the carpets or mats are not suitable, they get lost or damaged. By knowing what kind of flooring can help prevent these accidents. One way to ensure safety is by installing non slip flooring in the workplace.

In today’s time, the majority of flooring is slip-resistant when dry. But any contaminant like oil, water, dust, or solvent can reduce their effectiveness. Traction can be greatly reduced when concrete, timber, and the vinyl surface has been polished. On the other hand, worn surfaces can be a problem with concrete and steel as they can increase slipperiness. Generally, the duller the surface is, the better and more resistant it is.


Tiles and Mats

Anti-slip tiles and mats can be interlocked so they fit together during installation. In most cases, they are made of PVC, rubber, or polyurethane and comes with a grit surface of a hard substance like silicon carbide. Traction can be increased by using ribbed, knobbed, or corrugated top surfaces. These are very useful in many workplaces like in food processing plants where there is so much grease in the environment.

In order to reduce the chances of tripping, mats need to have beveled edges. These edges incline gradually to the floor. On the other hand, standard mats, especially those that come in rolls and are cut to measure have raised edges that can cause strips. They may also become dog-eared and their curled corners may cause trips.



Anti-slip paints and coatings are suited to be used in large areas and applied to conventional flooring like concrete, metal, and wood. They also provide good traction and usually used in factories, warehouses, and other industries where work boots are worn and there is pallet-truck or forklift. The coatings can also be used on exterior and interior surfaces to create a textured and visible surface. They can be coloured or clear.



Treatments could be used where street shoes are worn. They are often applied to hard surfaces that can be very slippery when wet. Some of the common applications are granite, ceramic, vinyl and terrazzo, even in porcelain and concrete tile. Treatments also help retain the floor’s original appearance. This makes it a great option for businesses and organizations that serve the public like stores, offices, transit, schools, governments, banks, and hotels.

Both coating and treatment should be maintained through the regular use of degreasers and cleaners to remove debris and soil that may reduce the effectiveness of the slip-resistant surface.



One of the biggest advantages of anti-slip tapes is the fact that they can be installed even on irregular surfaces. Tapes come in various lengths, sizes, widths, and strengths. They are also often used in scaffolding planks and construction sites. They are very helpful on wheelchair ramps, ladder rungs, stairs, truck running boards, and in shower areas. Another great thing is that fact that tapes are an affordable quick fix, but they need to be replaced or repaired on a regular basis.

By knowing the different non slip flooring types, safety can be guaranteed in the workplace and trips and falls and other types of accidents can be prevented.


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