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Mini Pendant Lights: Creating a Great Change in Your Home

So, you plan to change redecorate your room for a change and this involves changing your lighting. You may want to have a more modern look and is curious about the idea of using some types of lights. However, with so many lighting solutions available today, which one is the best choice? Should you go for pendants or mini pendant lights?

This sounds like an easy question but the answer is not easy. This is because there is really no real standard in terms of what is considered a mini pendant and what is not. Basically, all pendant lights are specifically designed to provide light on an area. They are like spotlights in the theater. They could even be used as the main lighting in a room or as supplemental lighting for a more dramatic look, add light to different areas like kitchen counter tops, or to create a focal point in the room.

Why “Minis” are Better?

In most cases, mini pendant lights are less than 12 inches in size. Three or four of them can cast lights that are equivalent to two regular pendants with two bulbs each. The great thing about them is that you can use more for bigger areas to create an innovative lighting solution that can make a room stand out. If energy consumption is something you take seriously, you can choose from low voltage ones.

Mini Pendant Lights: Creating a Great Change in Your Home

Shopping for your Lights

When looking for such type of lighting solution, there are a few things you need to consider. One of them is how the light is cast downward and in other directions. There are instances when you may need more lighting in the room like a central chandelier. If the lights do not have a lens, glare is often the problem, especially for those with higher intensity bulbs.

Mini pendants come in halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights. A dimmer could help get the most out of the bulb you choose.

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The Use of Dimmers

Installing a dimmer is very easy and you can even do it by yourself without calling a professional. You start by turning off the power on the circuit box. You may choose a circuit tester to be sure that the power is turned off before you touch the wire. As soon as the power if off, you can remove your old fixture. If you are replacing a ceiling fan that comes with a pendant, the blades should be removed first. This makes the process a lot easier.

There you go; indeed, lights can create a great change in space. So, if you want to do something special for your room, then changing your lighting solution is one best way to do it.

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