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Drill Rigs Australia: New or Used?

There has always been this never-ending quest for resources, as well as management of drilling rigs in Australia. Whether it’s water or land-based one, one of the most important parts of mining is knowing how to find the best equipment for the job. But knowing which one may not be that easy. It’s a must that you verify the operational status and evaluate the performance of the rigs. With so many factors to consider, one of the most vital concerns often rise- which one should the company utilize the new or used one? Basically, it would depend on the company to make this choice, as long as they choose one that cost-effective for them and is more available.


Used or New Rigs?


Whether new or old, utilization of rigs is more important for investors. But many of them are in search of specific parts and they need the right equipment to do the job for them. This can be a challenge, though. This is because it is not possible to just substitute a part with an imitation or one from a different maker. This is where a rig manager comes in to make sure that the ordered parts are the right ones. He needs to have the right contacts and suppliers to make sure that the rigs will not come to a halt in case of breakdown.


Finding the Right Supplier

In today’s time, it now easy to find suppliers of drill rigs, not only in Australia but across the world because the equipment has proven to be of great importance in many applications. To make sure that you are with the right people, look for a supplier that specifically deals with drilling rigs, whether used or new. This will ensure that you are talking with people who are knowledgeable about the equipment and can help you decide which one is the best according to your needs and budget. There are companies who can supply rigs on a larger scale or smaller scale, so it just really depends on your demands.


Which One is For You?

New rigs are good but if you want to make a more practical decision, used ones are better as they are cheaper and it’s likely that they are original. It seldom happens that you will encounter a drilling rig that is just a cheap imitation of the original. At the same time, they are likely to have a large pool of technicians and experts that have knowledge on how to properly repair the equipment. These types of rigs can also minimize the cost of operation by deploying the used drill rigs, making them run more cost-effectively while maintaining a steadier production flow.


By making the right choice, you will not only be saving money but you can also guarantee that you have the right equipment for the job.


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