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CNC Cutting Machines Make Better Granite Countertops

For many years now, and still counting, CNC cutting machines have been dominating the manufacturing field. In a layman’s world, this technology pertains to a computer-based system that makes use of numerical data for it to effectively, efficiently and consistently make precision cuts. Essentially, the CNC machine controller staff will input the necessary measurements required for the cut and from here onwards the computer system will just take over. 

The main reason why the use of CNC cutting technology is more advantageous and the method of choice by the vast majority of fabricating companies is because it virtually eradicates human error. Perhaps, the only point of concern that may arise from its use is when there is an error on the numbers that you input into the system. Other than that, this material cutting method is pinpoint precise and highly accurate. 

How are CNC Cutting Machines Used in Making Kitchen Countertops? 

The granite countertop manufacturing industry is one of the many sectors where there is a practical application for CNC cutting technology. Modern manufacturing firms that produce kitchen countertops are employing this state-of-the-art computerized technology so that they can have complete and total control of their equipment or machinery.  

Another aspect in which this material cutting method brings in more value when it comes to manufacturing granite countertops is that it gives the manufacturing firms liberty to customize a granite slab according to their client’s wish. Any stone fabricating company will agree with me in saying that when it comes to making seams that are almost invisible to the naked eye and adroitness in making perfect stone cuts — both will necessitate a lot of great skills to execute such mastery. 

The CNC method of cutting simplified this by making the process fully automated. The cutting of the granite stone slabs is fully computerized, with no human intervention, which includes the release of the pressurized water that is necessary to keep the equipment and the material from acquiring any kind of cosmetic damage.  

CNC Cutting Machines and Its Benefits to the Granite Countertop Production

The vast majority of granite-countertop manufacturing firms make use of 2 different machines if they need to cut out stone slabs to a particular size. You control both machines though by virtue of the CNC system. 

The first of which is the saw jet.  This type of machine comes with an oversized blade which will be used in cutting your granite stone slab. At the same time, it will also engage highly pressurized water, with an estimated power of 50,000 psi, which directly sprays onto the area that will be eventually cut. By this process, the blade is likely to remain cool in its temperature. At the same time, it will also help prevent the building up of debris and letting it get in the way of its precision. 

Then, these manufacturers would employ the use of  CNC stone router technology for them to begin their work on the granite slab to its desired shape and form. If you are not aware yet, those flawlessly smooth edges and rounded corners you see in most modern designs of a kitchen in glossy magazines, most of them are made via CNC cutting technology.  

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