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Why Balustrades are Important to the Stairs?

Balustrades are not really something new in the world of home renovation and architecture. For a long time now, they have served a unique purpose in the majority of commercial buildings. But for the home, they have acquired an increased traction in the last few years. As expected, they are available in a very wide of materials like stainless steel, stone, wood, glass, chrome, and iron. While are they are often used as a support system to the balcony and other structures in the house, they have become so popular in the stair systems.


What are They?

Many of us may not exactly know what balustrades are but we often come across them. They are usually found in terraces, balconies, and stairs. They are a railing supported by balusters. It is interesting that many of us do not exactly know the difference between a handrail with balustrade and banisters. Nonetheless, a balustrade offers an array of benefits, from adding beauty to space to preventing accidents and others in between.


Their Benefits to the Stairs

Aesthetic Value

Regardless of the material, a balustrade is definitely quite a sight. For example, glass or stainless steel can greatly add a sophisticated touch of flair, style, and elegance to the staircase. Thus, if your stairs happen to be an eyesore, it would be best if you can treat them with an eye-catching balustrade. With this, you are also increasing the retail value of your place and taking it to an exciting and whole new level.


Prevents Accidents

Among the most important benefits of a balustrade would be security. As accidents are bound to happen at home in one way or the other, installing a balustrade in the home would be great to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. A balustrade can actually minimize that chances of anyone to fall off the stairs.


Adds Strength to the Stairs

For sure we have all experienced some rattling and squeaky stairs and this is something that is not good. You need not wait for them to scream and tell you to fix them. By simply installing a balustrade, you are providing a safe, quick, and cost-friendly solution.


Brings the Stairs and Home Up to Building Codes

Bringing a building or a house up to a code is so important. One of the areas that an inspector will look into will be the credibility of the stairs. With a balustrade, you can spare yourself from all the worry that comes with it.

More than the aesthetic appeal that a balustrade can provide the stairs, it is very important to keep in mind that you are deciding to have one installed because you want to ensure safety in your place.


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