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All About Spill Kit

If you are in a workplace that is highly exposed to hydrocarbons and other types of hazardous chemicals, then you are facing dangers that are associated with accidental spills. This is a big responsibility that you have to take. These chemicals can release harmful pollutants to the environment and the surrounding areas. When a spill takes place, you need to clean the area fast and efficiently. This is also why you need to have a spill kit in place. It is an economical and efficient kit specifically designed to be used in cleaning up efforts.


Who Uses It?

There are some industries that are expected to be using a spill kit such as warehouses, laboratories, transport companies, docks, restaurants, manufacturers, and other commercial establishments. This kit assists in keeping a ready supply of absorbents to be used in cleanup exercises.


Different Types of Spill Kits

Generally, there are three different types with variations in details.


General Purpose

This is the most used type and is intended for containing non-hazardous types of liquids. The materials that are contained for this type are best for absorbing water, coolants, antifreeze, and solvents.



These are also known as fuel or oil kits. The are ideal for oil spills as they are designed and equipped to handle grease and other forms of oil-based liquid. These are also utilized for repelling water, making them highly recommended in case of oil spills.



This type of absorbent is best for hydrocarbons and other forms of hazardous chemicals. This is most needed in manufacturing industries.

The kits come in different styles. There are those that are portable and can be mounted on walls or chemical bottle cages. They can be attached to wall surfaces in order to facilitate easy and quick use. At the same time, they are easily accessible in different shapes and sizes, each is designed to fit into a specific situation. Particularly, the kits are made for matching on to any surface.


What are the Benefits?

No doubt, it is very beneficial to have these kits in the workplace. They come in different containers of size bags and contain specifically made absorbent materials that soak up, contain, and absorb a spill or leak. Moreover, they are designed to help the workplace comply with relevant guidelines and other workplace regulations such as health and safety.

With these kits, the security is the area is also assured. They are designed to contain and properly clean the spill while keeping the personnel safe. When it comes to finances, having a kit available will mean that you will not incurring any spill-related expenses. You can mitigate the extra costs, thus saving the company from financial problems. When this happens, you can secure the area while making sure that you are not having loses, instead, profit that can lead to success.


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